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Studies and researches have shown that among other materials, granite is known to be the hardest one. People have been using this material in their houses for ages. This is a stone made by nature. Too much heat and pressure is the reason how granite is created.
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In this article, we will learn about a few sectors where granites are being used and give a great outcome.
 Ancient and historic building’s core strength
From history, we can see that so many historical and ancient buildings chose granite to make their centers more strong. Granite helps by providing a core of strength to these structures.
 Monumental structures
We come to see so many monumental structures that are built with granite. The reason behind using granite is that it will help these structures last for a long time. For example- temples, gravestones, etc.
 Dazzling floors
To create gorgeous floors, builders use granite as clients request it more. The polished granite is known to be a natural stone. It tends to be used with marbles to complement the looks of the floors.
 Building blocks
Many religious and important buildings use granite for their building blocks. So many cultural groups prefer to use rough-hewn granite for that.
 Kitchen countertops
So many house owners prefer granite countertops more than other materials. As they are waterproof, stain, and heat resistant, also easy to clean, so granite is more popular among homeowners.
 Bathroom tiles
Granite can be cut into thinner tiles. Technologies are that much updated these days. That’s why to create bathroom tiles, granites is being used too.
 Staircases
To give an astonishing look, many houses have staircases made with granites.
 Gemstone
Some granite stones are very rare. They are being used as gemstones.
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